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Father and Son Exalted


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Those Exalted were Bro Trevor John Davies, a retired warehouse manager, a lifelong Newcastle United supporter and a member of Whitworth Lodge No1932 for some 10 years.
His son, Bro Allan Trevor Davies is a car salesman, a supporter of Sunderland Football Club and also a member of Whitworth Lodge for five years currently serving as their Inner Guard.
When Bro Davies senior was asked how he first came to be involved with Freemasonry and stated that he organised with the REME, former military personnel who were Normandy Veterans on their annual visits overseas. It was a chance comment made to him by one of those vets, asking if he had ever considered becoming a Freemason. He acted upon that comment and has never regretted his decision to join and was delighted to have been able to propose his son in to Freemasonry.
For his part Bro Davies junior stated it was brilliant that both he and his father have taken the decision to advance their respective Masonic careers by joining the Royal Masonic Chapter together.
WBro Christos was understandably disappointed not to be presented but acknowledged that this double exaltation was a special landmark in the history of Whitworth Chapter and one that could be built upon with other Brethren wishing to join.

At the festive board similar comments were expressed as the addition of the two new companions was celebrated.

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