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WBro Bosomworth celebrates historic landmark


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70 Years ago in 1943 with World War II still in full flow, historic landmarks were common place. The January alone saw British troops capture Tripoli from the Italian forces, the First All American air raid was unleashed on German soil and the Soviets had finally broken the Wehrmach’s siege of Leningrad. America unveiled the world’s largest office building, the Pentagon and the legendary Duke Ellington made his debut performance at New York Carnegie Hall.

The 7th of January 1943 also saw a young 21 year old George Benham Bosomworth Initiated in to Saltwell Lodge No3000 in Gateshead marking the beginning of an incredible Masonic journey.

On the 11th of January 2013 the Provincial Grand Master, RtWBro Norman Eric Heaviside joined a group of family, friends and Provincial representatives from both Durham and Northumberland at Scarbrough Court, now home of WBro George to present him with his Certificate of 70 years continuous service in Craft Masonry and his 50 year Certificate in Royal Arch Masonry.

Among the visitors were WBro George Clark, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, WBro Phil Rann, Provincial Grand Secretary, WBro Alan Hall, Past Provincial Grand Secretary, WBro Derek Warneford, Past Deputy Grand Superintendent in the Royal Arch and RtWBro Peter Magnay, The Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Northumberland and a selection of Gateshead Masons who were only to pleased to attend and help George celebrate this special achievement.

Also present was WBro Jack Ravenscroft, PPJGW of Beaconsfield Lodge No7768 a lifelong friend of George having also been Initiated in to Saltwell Lodge 6 years after George and who himself had received his 60th Year Certificate a few years earlier. With George in the building trade for most of his life and Jack involved with the legal profession it wasn’t just in the Lodge room that these friends worked as a team, their professional lives intertwined also.
After being Initiated in to Saltwell Lodge, WBro George took the Chair for the first time in 1963 and again in 1992, he was recognised by Provincial Grand Lodge in 1972 when he was appointed ProvAGReg, promoted to PPJGW in 1987 and received the extremely high and rarely appointed rank of PPSGW in 2004. George joined Beaconsfield Lodge No7768 in 1999 and became their Worshipful Master in 2001; he also became an Honorary Member of St Mary’s Lodge No4864 in 2005.

In the Royal Arch George was Exalted in to Chapter of Industry No48 in 1963 and during his presentation of both certificates, RtWBro Heaviside commented on George’s remarkable Masonic career, he complimented George on the way he had conducted himself over his 70 years, on the pure admiration that was held for him not just in Gateshead but wherever he was involved, he also asked the question on everybody’s mind, What took him so long to join the Chapter

Once the Certificates has been presented the party was treated to a marvellous buffet prepared by the staff of Scarborough Court, after toasting George everyone present had the opportunity of offering their personal congratulations.

In his reply George commented on how happy he was to see so many people help him celebrate his 2 wonderful landmarks and how he was taken aback by the respect and companionship he still shares with both the Craft and Royal Arch Masonry.

WBro George Benham Bosomworth, a stalwart of Gateshead Freemasonry.
Editorial note – Unfortunately George passed to the Grand Lodge above in November 2013

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