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The Brothers Twins


September 2017

On the evening of Thursday 21st September 2017, the Brethren of the Lodge of Philanthropy met at the Masonic Hall Wellington Street, Stockton. This was a regular meeting and an upbeat night with special importance to celebrate 50 years in Freemasonry for the twin brothers David and John Lewis and a Team Visit of the Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham led by the Provincial Grand Master, Norman Eric Heaviside.

After the lodge was opened, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Andrew Dixon and his Deputies processed the deputation of Provincial Officers into the lodge room.

Eric was joined in the middle of the lodge by David and John Lewis, commenting on this being a unique and special evening, the first time in Durham, that twin brothers had been presented with certificates to mark 50 years in the craft.

David (eldest twin) and John (youngest twin) were both initiated on the same night 21st September 1967, both passed, again the same evening on 16th November 1967. David said that both he and his twin were raised on the same night, but according to the research, David was raised in 21st December 1967 and John in 21st March 1968.

They were both proposed by their father’s cousin Ken Smith, who also introduced the twins father and mother to each other.

David once on the ladder, worked his way through the lodge officers to become Master of the lodge in February 1978 and said on his first night was full of nerves with his knees knocking. John’s journey to become Master was delayed because of his work commitments with British Steel and he became Master in February 1982.

Both David and John were engineers – David (Electrical) and John (Project)

David was appointed Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in 1987 and John was also appointed the same rank in 1991. Both twins have been promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden (David in 1996 and John in 1999). David received Grand Lodge rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1998.

David and John are also Royal Arch Masons – John was exalted in May 1981 and became First Principal in March 1991 and David was exalted in May 1986 and became First Principal in March 1993 with both twins appointed to Past Provinicla Grand Scribe Nehemiah in 2016.

The twins were founder members of the Stockton on Tees lodge in 1998 with David as Master and John as Secretary and later Master in 2000.

Away from Stockton – the twins joined Nevill lodge of Installed Masters in Darlington in 1992 and following a conversation with Eric, David went on to become Master in 2010 followed by John in 2011.

Eric also said that both David and John were a fine example of Masons – always willing to help others – with previous roles in the lodge included Director of Ceremonies, Secretary, etc. Both have been members of the Management committee for the Stockton Masonic Hall since 1970’s.

Both David and John have an interest in Cruise holidays with John so far been on 30 cruises. John is also a computer wizard – creating flyer, table plans, Lodge summonses etc.

Eric then read out the 50 years Certificate before presenting one each to David and John, thanking them for their continuous commitment to Freemasonry and then David replied with a small speech.

John then went and got 3 DVD’s and presented them to Eric, John Arthur and Tom Gittins

The evening continued with a fine Festive Board finished off at the festive board where Eric responded to his toast informing the brethren how great it was to attend to mark the 50 years celebration for David and John Lewis, and confirmed how much he had enjoyed the whole evening.

Keith Robinson the current Master of the Lodge of Philanthropy then gave a toast to the Twins relating how they have added their own unique ways of doing things and the importance of mentoring.

A Great evening enjoyed by all.

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